viaLog believes that the key logistics figures, which many companies regularly obtain are worlds apart from a true logistics controlling system.

Let’s take a look at the controlling of output and productivity:

  • We identify the cost drivers for each and every area of a logistics centre, for example, containers for incoming goods, transportation orders for internal traffic, consignment positions.
  • We develop input templates for quantities, net personnel and quality levels, among many others. The source of data is specified for all of the quantities.
  • Finally, the reporting system is determined for all levels of the company:
    • In terms of hours, days, weeks, months and/or years
    • In terms of quantities, personnel and productivity
    • In terms or the actual and intended performance levels.

The crucial step at this juncture is the productivity of all processes, for example, the number of containers per employee per hour. viaLog believes that the planning and constant monitoring of these key figures is crucial when it comes to optimising logistics.

The reporting system also includes the following elements:

  • Capacity analysis
  • Periodic ABC analysis
  • Commentary / interpretation

viaLog renders the following services in logistics controlling:

  • ‘Design’ (content, cost drivers, reports, input templates etc.)
  • Conversion into Excel format or database