Producers of conveyor technology and logistics equipment – Or viaLog?

Producers of conveyor technology and logistics equipment naturally plan according to their own products and sales targets. Their expertise in implementing projects is entirely focussed on their own goods.

viaLog offers individual, neutral consulting services

As a neutral consultant, viaLog compares all of the alternatives and recommends the technology that best fits each individual customer and situation. Our customers benefit from our comprehensive expertise in logistics strategies, logistics concepts and logistics implementation. Our neutral consulting services are oriented towards:

  • Economic viability
  • Flexibility
  • Feasibility

Other logistics consultants – Or viaLog?

Many logistics consultants consider themselves either strategists, buyers OR project implementers. Small consultancies in particular lack the experience necessary to implement logistics projects. However, a functioning concept requires cross-departmental thinking and expertise.

viaLog is a general planner – From the initial idea to the final performance test

viaLog is a strategist, a buyer AND a project implementer. Our 35 logistics specialists, architects and civil engineers combine experience from more than 600 projects. We only deploy logistics technology on the premise of modularity and flexibility.

Universities – Or viaLog?

Universities approach logistics projects from an academic point of view, which is often based on little experience in project implementation. This experience is further diminished by a high level of staff turnover within the project teams.

viaLog’s strength lies in its well-established team

viaLog places great value on long-term employment. The team’s professional experience and knowledge of operational details guarantees our high-quality service.