Selecting a warehouse management system (WMS) is one of the most difficult decision processes when it comes to optimising logistics.

  • It is difficult to detect whether the requirements of the target processes are covered by the functionality of a potential WMS.
  • The advantages and risks of integrating a WMS into an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system rather than using it as a separate system are not clear.
  • An increasing number of external WMS providers – and in some cases ERP consultancy firms with various levels of experience – are competing with one another.
  • Offers are functional and not comparable within the bounds of the services offered.

viaLog provides you with support in all phases of the design, selection and introduction of a warehouse management system.

1. Determining the logistics IT strategy

Preparation of the decision on integrating the WMS into the logistics IT structure (for example, integration into ERP) or connecting it as an external WMS, limiting the functionality to that of a sub-system.

2. Fine tuning the logistics for the introduction of the WMS

Checking and optimising all logistics processes with a view to increasing efficiency through the use of the WMS.

3. Specifications

Definition of all of the requirements concerning software and hardware and supplementary contractual regulations to protect the project from future risks.

4. Invitation to tender

We support our customers when contracting software and hardware. We achieve competitive prices in line with current market standards.

5. Requirements specification

Moderation and management of the requirements specification meetings, including coordination of interfaces to the sub-systems.

6. Project management during implementation and initial operation

Project management from implementation right though to final acceptance, including budget and schedule monitoring, implementation preparation, training and test plans, management of testing and operation progress, evaluation of tests and acceptance.

7. Fine tuning after productive operation

Developing the target performance of the warehouse taking all elements into account (software, hardware, human resources, organisational structures, controlling etc.)