Optimised transport logistics ensure a secure delivery service and future revenues

In many ways, the transport market is in a state of upheaval. Motorway tolls, mergers and agreements on the part of freight companies, improved software for route planning and fleet management, vehicle communications as well as many other elements harbour both opportunities and risks when it comes to delivery services and costs.

viaLog supports its customers through transport tenders and by optimising processes. This regularly results in a considerable reduction in transportation costs.

The result

First off, it is a matter of costs. Having viaLog on board ensures intelligent structuring, intensive negotiations and a detailed tendering for the freight costs. This often results in a double-digit reduction in transportation costs.

Structures are developed in a targeted manner, resulting in an improved delivery service, the correct number of service providers and an IT-driven transport process.

A proven viaLog procedure

The success is based on the following method, which has proven its worth in many viaLog projects.

1. Contracting freight services:

  • Data collection
  • Determining the tariff system
  • Drafting a tendering documents
  • Assessing the available offers
  • Comparing prices
  • Several rounds of negotiations
  • Preparing the contract
  • Support during implementation

2. Optimising the delivery service and the flow of goods:

  • Improvements in dispatching
  • Increase or reduce delivery frequency
  • New route systems
  • Redefinition of the in-house work load and that of the service provider
  • Increased use of IT