Distribution strategies aim to improve delivery service, lower costs. One means to reduce costs for inventory, cargo handling and transport can e. g. be centralisation.

However, a distinctive delivery service is crucial for many industries. This suggests that a decentralised or assortment-based ABC strategy may be a more suitable solution.

viaLog creates individual distribution strategies in 3 stages:

1. Strategic planning

Targets are identified, strengths and weaknesses are assessed, actual logistical costs and performance are discussed and calculated for the planning horizon.

2. Distribution alternatives

We develop models and compare distribution elements:

  • Service provider integration (make or buy)
  • Number, location and function of the warehouses
  • Transport strategies

3. Definition of the target strategy

The partial results from the second stage are developed into a detailed strategy. Principles and core processes are defined, investment and economic viability is determined and a step-by-step plan for implementation is proposed. We suggest suitable logistics techniques and develop an ideal layout for all existing warehouses.