Distribution strategy

Service delivery is our ultimate goal. Working from here, we discuss centrality, third-party involvement, the allocation of articles, costs, tracking and tracing and much more with our customers when it comes to developing a tailored, sustainable strategy for top-class distribution throughout Germany, Europe and beyond.

Production strategy

viaLog plans the layout of the factory, differentiates between provisioning procedures and designs centralised and decentralised logistics systems for production. When it comes to looking for a new production strategy, key factors include the reduction of costs, the intensive use of space and resources and the targeted integration of service providers.

Procurement strategy

Closely integrating suppliers to form a supply chain is one of the major goals of a new procurement strategy. This is based on the segmentation of the suppliers. It results in the formation of a constant, informative and physical process. Integrating external service providers may also be an important element of the strategy.

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