The labyrinth of Knossos, located on the Greek island Crete, was notorious for two reasons:

  1. the terrible Minotaur that lived there and ate youngsters and maidens
  2. and the labyrinth itself: Its construction was so complicated that once you went it, it was almost impossible to ever get out again

The myth is a fascinating story of sex and crime. But we’re more interested in the logistical component.

We want to know how Theseus managed to find his way out of the labyrinth – he was the only person who ever did!

Theseus, the mythical founder-king of Athens, killed the Minotaur. Afterwards, he was able to return to his people thanks to a ball of thread – given to him by his lover, Ariadne. Theseus unrolled the ball of thread when he entered the labyrinth. He found his way back out by following the thread and winding it back up.

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