Be it a greenfield development or an extension to your current logistics centre, viaLog acts as your general planner and plans and implements your logistics expansion.

  1. viaLog assesses possible locations and develops a master plan for the long-term expansion.
  2. From the inside out, viaLog designs technologies, work spaces and logistics buildings.
  3. viaLog details logistics technology (storage, commissioning, conveying), logistics IT (warehouse management and material flow systems) and logistics buildings (statics, regulations).
  4. viaLog drafts the specifications, issue competitive invitations to tender and provides you with supports during negotiations and when issuing supplier contracts.
  5. viaLog manages and coordinates the implementation of the entire logistics centre, which includes
  6. technical clarification, constant budget and schedule control, monitoring all of the installations and the acceptance of services rendered.
  7. viaLog gradually increases operational output. We factor in human resources, fine tune all of the elements and develop efficiency controlling.