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The Schunk Group is an internationally active technology group with over 8,100 employees in 29 countries. The company offers a wide range of products and services in the fields of carbon technology and industrial ceramics, environmental simulation and air conditioning technology, sintered metal and ultrasonic welding. As a division of the Schunk Group, Schunk Carbon Technology manufactures and distributes carbon and ceramic solutions at its Heuchelheim site near Giessen and at more than 30 other sites worldwide.

The challenge

The sustained growth of Schunk Carbon Technology brought with it several challenges for corporate logistics:

  • The available space was no longer sufficient to handle the logistics.
  • Decentralized storage on the plant premises led to higher logistics costs, for example in the form of long distances.
  • The logistics had to be housed in unsuitable buildings, which made optimal storage difficult.
  • Due to the lack of a warehouse management system, the logistics processes could not be handled optimally.

The task

For the optimization and further development of logistics, Schunk Carbon Technology commissioned viaLog with

  • the preparation of a storage concept,
  • the detailed planning, tendering and implementation of the logistics technology as well as
  • the introduction of a warehouse management system (preparation of the specifications, invitation to tender, monitoring of the discussions on the specifications).

The solution

viaLog developed a comprehensive concept to optimize Schunk Logistik. Its core was the creation of a new logistics building. This offered several advantages:

  • Centralisation of finished goods logistics and dispatch under one roof to shorten routes and improve material flow,
  • Use of combined conveyor technology for pallets and trolleys to improve material flow and ergonomics,
  • Use of two tray lifts on one storey ceiling as well as a pallet wide aisle warehouse in the basement for optimum use of the newly created logistics area,
  • Redesign of workstations to improve ergonomics.

In addition, Schunk plans to introduce the warehouse management system SAP EWM. The aim is to create a paperless processing and a transparent material flow throughout.

The highlights

Tailor-made building for logistics

The two-storey building planned by viaLog offers optimal conditions for the handling of logistics on the given area. This can be used efficiently and the various items can be accommodated in the appropriate warehouse types.

Cantilevered platform on a floor slab

With the help of a special structural construction, it was possible to install a self-supporting platform on a floor slab. This platform is connected to the conveyor system and can be driven on with the trolley.

Combined conveyor technology for pallet and trolley

For vertical transport across storeys and stage levels, a combination conveyor system was installed which is capable of transporting both a specially developed trolley and different pallet types.