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Founded in 1884, Schlafhorst in Mönchengladbach is today a company of the Swiss SaurerGroup. As one of the world’s leading machine manufacturers for textile machines, the specialist for rotor spinning machines and winding machines exports worldwide to customers in the textile industry. In addition to the main plant in Mönchengladbach, Schlafhorst operates a production facility for plant construction in Übach-Palenberg and two locations in the Czech Republic.


The company’s sales network spans the entire globe. The plant manufacturer generates more than 95 percent of its turnover abroad. Schlafhorst machines spin and wind in about 5,000 textile companies in over 100 countries all over the world. A key success factor for customer support is well-functioning spare parts logistics. The central spare parts warehouse in Mönchengladbach therefore supplies customers worldwide with 24-hour service as part of after-sales activities.

The task

viaLog received the order to answer the classic “make or buy” question: Is outsourcing (assignment to a service provider) preferable to optimized in-house processing? For the outsourcing consideration, a detailed tender should be prepared, discussed with competent bidders and finally negotiated. For this purpose, the own handling of the logistics – after tuning – should be compared.

The solution

First viaLog designed a solution for the optimized self-management:

  • Investment in vertical tray lifts
  • Introduction of radio data transmission in the field of vehicle order picking
  • Intensified support via LVS

It became clear: The use of compact storage technology would significantly reduce the processing area and create free space for new activities.

The outsourcing tender and negotiation of possible service providers showed in comparison: on balance, awarding the contract to a logistics service provider does not bring any economic advantage over improved in-house processing. Schlafhorst therefore decided to continue managing the warehouse itself – and to implement the above-mentioned viaLog proposals for tuning the processing with viaLog support.