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Rossmann online GmbH is a sister company of Dirk Rossmann GmbH, Burgwedel, a successful drugstore chain with over 650 branches. The number five drugstore in Germany decided at the end of the 1990s to enter the e-commerce market.

The task

Rossmann – until then exclusively familiar with the structures of the branch business – was confronted with the task of delivering up to 5,000 parcels a day directly to the customer:

  • 14,000 articles have to be dispatched,
  • a 24-hour service with almost zero error picking is to be guaranteed,
  • customer-individual first order premiums, gift packaging and greeting card service are to be made possible, and
  • high order peaks have to be handled during advertising campaigns and, typical for the online business, after the weekends (up to 500%).

viaLog received the order to design and implement the warehouse and order picking.

The solution

In normal operation, a zone-to-zone picking system operates. Conveyor technology transports the shipping cartons on trays from order picking station to order picking station. To cope with order peaks, all picking areas can be switched over to manual picking by means of trolleys parallel to processing via the zone-to-zone picking.

The work processes today are faster, more ergonomic and more cost-effective with the aid of technology. Essential features are:

  • Paperless picking with pick-by-light (A and B articles) and radio data transmission (C articles)
  • Pick&Pack picking directly into seven different customer shipping containers
  • Zone-to-zone picking system and manual tour
  • New warehouse management system
  • Pallet racks, flow channel racks and shelf racks
  • Modular construction method for the development of additional hall areas and hall heights with further growth

The result

The most important result of the new e-commerce logistics: personnel expenses were reduced from a maximum of 3 to 1.5 shifts per day, while throughput volumes were increased at the same time. Furthermore, the inspection effort was drastically reduced. Order peaks are effectively managed today. A high level of service can be offered in the end customer business.