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From master plan to realisation

Frischli Milchwerke GmbH in Rehburg- Loccum pro­duces a wide range of fresh dairy products at its site near Hanover. More than 500 employees produce yoghurt, cre­am and pudding amongst other things. Sin­ce the 60s the dairy has grown continuous­ly. With a monthly delivery of 25,000 tonnes and a dispatch of approx. 1,200 pallets per day, the capacity limits of the existing tech­nology have already been reached.

The task Initially, the food producer assigned the advisors from viaLog with the creation of a master plan, to extend the factory in Loc­cum. The targets were to

  • Extend the production site,
  • Integrate the partly temporarily outsourced packaging materials in the Loccum factory,
  • Eliminate the lack of general and com­missioning spaces in the goods-out area and
  • Optimisation and supplementation of the warehouse management system.

Then, frischli took on the logistics advisor as a general planner for the realisation of the concept.

frischli site office Rehburg

Rehburg-Loccum site

The approach

viaLog created a master plan for the maximum expansion of the logistics de­partment. It was set up in such a way that frischli could carry out the expansion step by step, as needed. The master plan inclu­ded amongst other things

  • a consistent flow of materials,
  • layout planning for the maximum expansion and
  • the procedure to realise the expansion in ongoing operation

The master plan was created in three pha­ses: initially the planners from viaLog identi­fied the important data of the frischli ware­house, as a calculation basis. Then, together with frischli, they compared the relevant logistics systems. Finally, the master plan formed the project result.

frischli distribution center

High rack warehouse

The solution

Over a period of ten years, frischli developed its logistics department. The company thereby oriented itself towards the master plan and implemented it step by step, ad­apted to the company development. viaLog supported frischli during this time, with detailed plans of the individual warehouse components, carrying out tenders and su­pervising the implementation. The project was divided into three expansion stages:

  1. Expansion of the high rack warehouse (HRW) with three aisles in a new build, restructuring and revitalization of the existing conveying technology, optimi­zation of the warehouse management system
  2. Concept and detailed planning of the new warehouse for powder, packaging material and raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials (RAO), expansion of the HRW with two further aisles
  3. Realisation of the mobile racking system for powder, packaging materials and RAO

The Highlights

  • Tailor made warehouse through neu­tral planning: frischli and viaLog first of all identified the logistical needs of the dairy, before involving manufacturers in the project. In this way, the best logistics system for the dairy was selected objectively.
  • Simple expandability: In the first expansion stage of the HRW, the next construction stage was already conceptually planned and structurally prepared. The further expansion could therefore be carried out without com­plications and in an investment-friendly manner.
  • Complexity reduction in spite of warehouse expansion: In spite of the extensive expansion, viaLog simplified frischli’s logistics.The connection of all HRW aisles to a large conveying technology circuit, facilitated the material flow and enabled rearran­gements. At the same time, by lifting the conveying technology onto the 1st floor, new transport paths could be created for the vehicle commissioning.